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we can ride the boogie.

i wanna rock with you alllll niiiight! dance with you in the sunliiiight!

i don't know whats better than old school michael jackson.

i have such a busy week. i'll pretty much be MIA until friday afternoon. update then, i promise.

branching out.

so, i've decided to finally do it. i made a fashion blog. hopefully i can go big with it.


read it, love it, follow it. :]

i feel a fool.

ahhhhh 13 days until my birthday. who's excited to be 21? i am.

so uhm. justin. i've talked about him a bit. fucking gorgeous puerto rican. all he wants is one thing from me. well, it's just ridiculous how when he looks at me, he smiles and his eyes sparkle. i probably see what i wanna see. all the girls at work think i have bad taste. lol.

last night, we were talking by the cigarette machine and we were actually holding a conversation. some big ass bitch that was watching us at a table like 4 feet away goes, "justin! come here" "whats up?" "just come here!" so he told me, "hold on..i'll be right back." so i saw him say, "whats up?" "oh nothing." BITCH! you fucking cock blocker. he dont want you. he wants me. and we're gonna be together, he just doesnt know it yet. lmao.

i dont know. it sucks that i'm so fucking lonely, justin works at some plant thing here in town. which means he's not going to school. i need someone with an education cuz you really dont have shit without a college degree. sure, you might make as much as someone with a degree but look how hard you have to work. i'd love to say "he's the one", but really..no one is..no one is worth my time, effort, and heartache. and the one that will be, will show he wants to be with me. i'm about to be 21 and this is really the time of my life from here on out.


the most amazing thing happened with frankie j today. i shall share later. i have pictures as well.

and here it is, 3:15. i have to be up in 5 and a half hours to go work a 15 hour shift tomorrow. gay. i'm a double.

don't give me salty looks.

so my stepdad got super sick last night. at the end of the being sick process, he got dehydrated. so now, he's in the hospital and my mom is with him. they're spending the night there. ughhhhh. dont wanna be home alone tonight.

im sure everyone's heard; heath ledger's passing. that shit is so crazy. it just blows my mind how all these young celebrities are on top of the world, have everything they could possibly want, and in an instant..it's gone. i almost think britney is next.

there's an apartment complex in houston i have been in love with since i went there to go visit my friend's sister. i checked it out last night, it's $455 a month. i'm very tempted. but that requires a change of scenery hardcore. meaning job. ugh. i dont know. but this rush hour traffic is a bitch. it takes me an hour and 15 minutes to get home every tuesday and thursday. i hate it. i know that requires me to work and all that, but i would much rather be more motivated to work than to basically listen to my parents ramble about my booty calls.

i cant get trae out of my fucking mind. it sucks that ended that quickly and how it ended. but whatever, everything happens for a reason. brian is a sweetheart. and for once, this is a guy who isnt telling me that he's different from every other guy. i just wonder what i mean to him. just a piece of ass or more..? him and i might be going to go get steak this weekend. i've been craving it for the longest time. and there's talk of a trip to san antonio. eeee. ♥

this rainy weather makes me super sleepy.

fuck. i hate math. is anyone good at geometry? i need help.
What do you do when you're in the car alone?

sing. dance. cuss like a sailor because of my road rage. sleep when i need to. change clothes. and toot. yes, toot. (girls dont fart, they toot). where else can i do all of that and not be judged? nowehere. ♥

Writer's Block: A Tip About Tipping

What's your method for calculating a tip?

you *DO NOT* take the tax and double it. that's basically a slap to a server's face. i usually tip 15-20% on the service. 30% if i know the person. being from texas, servers make $2.13 an hour.

a good idea if you're bad at math, is to to multiply the first number in the tab (say a $30 tab, take the 3) and multiply it by the tip percentage (1=10%, 1.5=15%, 2=20%), and there you go.


i got tagged by wildbliss.

Open your playlist, pick songs that start with each letter of your username, but, the songs have to mean something to you. Don't just pick a song because it starts with a letter in your username. Post the list to your journal, if you want you can explain why the songs are important to you, but it's not required. Tag at least five other people to do the meme.

R - ryde or die by jennifer lopez
  • exactly how i feel about david
    A - amber by 311
  • such a beautiful song! makes me hope that there is love out there for anyone.
    C - confessions of a broken heart by lindsay lohan
  • my situation with my dad is this song
    H - hear me by kelly clarkson
  • i can relate to the words and the energy kelly puts into this song
    E - energy by natalie
  • again, david.
    L - lean wit it, rock wit it by dem franchize boys
  • this song, i remember dancing to at the club with one of my friends so it just brings back memories!

    i tag: _break_free_, glamxcoke, fakeisthetrend, xo__paperhearts xoxconfuzedxox, xkatelynnx
  • friends only, my love


    rachel. almost 21. texan. born and raised in the south. college sophomore.

    strangers are friends waiting to happen.